Old East India Company 1818 Bottles

                                                         Antique East India Company Bottles 

East India Company bottles are came to India when British came to India for business purpose from year of 1612.They began to ruled in India from year of 1757, Britishers drink wine which they import from British.
At that time all the wines they drink was import from London through ocean by ships.

All British bottles are antique & they are going to sell but some bottles are having rice pulling & water increase nature so function bottles are having high value than plan antique bottles.These bottles are very rear, maximum East Indian Company bottles are already sell. People think plane bottles having also more value so for this cause deal was not done between them. Most plane bottles are available and peoples used some chemical for creating function in the bottles But real Examiner,collector never cheated.

Old 1818 East India Company Bottles

Function of the Bottles: If Bottles have carry a brass ring in the bottom of the bottles than  the probability is their bottles can have function.
At first clean the bottles with a mixture of Eno powder,red soil,turmeric powder & wooden fire dust. Take same quantity of all the materials mixer it & with that mixer clean properly. After that in shadow you examine or better you tried to examine in a house, take half of water in the bottles & mark it. Give that process to 1 hour after that examine the water level its was increase or not.
If the water level increase after 10 to 15 minutes than they used highly concentrated chemical, it was not self functioned.Authentic bottles never functioned at 10 to 15 minutes in that type of case collector not interested.
Original function must did after 1/2 to 1 hour.
Authentic bottles have a label of East India Company 1818, a ring of brass in the bottom of the bottles.

Early wine maker used a brass metal in the bottom of  bottles its help to hold the glass for not braked the bottles. Wine must pressurized the bottles so they used heavy glass & that rings to hold the bottles & protect from pressure. Some bottles have high function they pulled the rice also, at that condition value of the bottles much increase. plane bottles having value from 1 to 5 lakh or less than 1 lakh depend on the collector. But a well functioned bottles have value of more than 50 lakh.