Antiques Of East India Company

About something LEBBO coin :
From more than 60 years ago people of India & foreigner are searching in India for antiques of Britishers. Most of antiques are great value in abroad,the things that used by Britishers are antiques here now, which comes from German & Britten are now antiques.Some of them are most valuable, In the coin most popular coin is Lebbo coin, a coin that not also surprising you but also have magical power, this coin was least because its never publish and it was made only some of 16.So now its never exits its made when at the beginning of Britisher came to India  at early 1616. I don't think so it was exist now,it was a myth now but some peoples are continuously searching for this.
I did not mention more details because probably it was not exist now. it was look like this
Lebbo coin
         it has more value than 1818 coin.
it was the antiques king among the coin but searching of this coin is worthless.

East India Company petromax :
All of you know about petromax it was mostly used before from early 16 century. But some of made at the 1818 was so rare, on the bottom of the petromax written as a East India Company 1818. This petromax having function like a 1818 half anna coin.
These petromax must be size in small & having  rice pulling function, those value are in corer.Those are made of copper.

Pen stand :
Pen stand mostly used by Britishers but every pen stand are not having value those are made at the time of 18 century are have function and for that function it can be collected now.
Pen stand
   These pen stand are made of copper and brass also,which are having rice pulling function those are more valuable but old antiques are sell like antiques which have does not function.

Flower pot :
Flower pot are so beautiful which are mostly used by Britishers it can be same function like 1818 coin. 

These are made of brass & copper metal, it can be pulled the rice & all other function like 1818 half anna coin so it was so valuable same as like 1818 coin. but all the flower pot are not having function so its value only can depend on its function.