C.D. Deshmukh 10 Rupee Notes.

                                                  C.D Deshmukh Ten Rupee Note

Three Different types of  ten rupee had been published when C.D. DESHMUKH  was Governor of Reserve Bank of India.

When C.D Deshmukh was first Indian governor of Reserve bank of India he was served under British Government & at that time Bangladesh & Pakistan did not separated so their is Bangladesh & Pakistan issue note are printed also but collector only collected Indian issue if any notes contain magnetic power then collector interested on that neither probability is low to other issue.Some notes are printed different they have band images of 10 it was corner of the notes collected them which are in straight position because band images of ten rupee note are common, Collector interested in rare notes.
                                   1: You have to see on the white area of the note there is a water mark of King face.
                                   2:A silver thread was there.
                                   3:On the middle of the note (Ten rupee Reserve Bank Of India) is printed by water
A boats image of ten rupees note if having two boats is rare,one boats image ten rupees is common so its not in demanded,keep trying to found two boats ten rupees c.d deshmukh note.
One peacock image ten rupees not was very rare & also it has some magnetic power its disturbed the black & white T.V signal.
C.D. Deshmukh 10 rupee notes

A note 10 rupee of  C.D Deshmukh having 3 or one peacock is precisely value of more then 10 lakh rupees.
A another note of 3 peacock is published that is signed by R.N Malhotra it was also collectible note.