Underground Treasures

                                                        Underground Treasure Hunting 

The underground treasure are hidden treasures,most people in past hide their ornaments,jewelery,coins in a pot or a big box & digging in a specific area in the room or under a tree & hide them all under ground.
Not only reach people but also thief,pirates are hide their lots of money under ground.In the past people did not have banks so they hide their ornaments jewelery at a classified area,because in old time most pirates are stolen anyone from anywhere since most of time people are under scared everywhere.
Before Indian freedom,(freedom from British) Britisher collect tax from Indian poor people,the tax was most more then the worth,they collect & stolen extra tax from innocent people so people hide all their valuable things.  

Underground treasures,buried treasures are always in remote area,they could not find easily.In rural area people always hide their jewelery in the home in the ground in a big box or pot.
People are discovered that after a long times hidden ornaments in their homes.One of my friend was also discovered in his home hidden ornaments,silver & brass coin in a big pot.

Most people used metal detector for hunting hidden treasure,but some of people in India are used traditional way for digging hidden treasure by some people they are called them (tantrik).
Some treasure hunter used some traditional method that truly help to know the location of treasure if some one doubt some specific location.
Some tricks are i provide you that all are by some real successful hunter :
      1: If you doubt some where then touched that area that must be wormed,never a single grass was grow over that soil.
     2: After that you used some white rice,Through the rice on which area you doubt see the reaction of rice if some magnetic metal means if rice pulling metal was their then its pulled the rice & gathered at one place (note that if the rice was pulled by 5-10 minutes then some buyers are claimed for by without digging).
     3:If 2nd method was not helped then used milk,Milk must need fresh Never used boiled milk.
Dropped on that soil all the milk you have,look after 10-15 minutes if the milk was changed lightly yellow or red then gold Or silver was their.if the color was remain unchanged then buried treasure have long distance from label of earth.

Some tantrik are used their ear to listen a sound from the soil,they said a knock knock sound was came from ground & they also used a rod put that into soil and remain used that process.
                                               A image of underground treasure

In 2010 discovered two Devanagari from sundargrah district,Odisha but they hide all the information about that,it was discovered by two tantrik with some people.The tantrik are specialist on digging of
underground treasure.

A place banda is famous for its underground treasure but still no one can stole it.The myth said a pirates call his name mahapatra banda was a famous pirates in west odisha, he was stolen most of gold jewelry from kings & reach peoples (jamindar) and store it in a cave that was located somewhere in banda.
But banda is located in forest,this was surrounded by many hills.Few people said those who saw the cave they listen a word from an unknown place that tell them don't go there,keep saying slowly few times.
Also sometimes a old person was came out and ask him who are you why you came here,go out from here
& disappear.Some times a gun shot sound was listen by some people.Whatever they said its not a matter but a man banda mahapatra was real he was the famous pirates at the time of British.
We all knew a pirates must stolen & store it somewhere since the myth have some real part.